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Online Movies

The following movies were created to demonstrate new capabilities in ECCE. These movies are not intended to be tutorials for brand new ECCE users, but to show new capability to users already familiar with ECCE prior to the 4.0 release.

ECCE Movies

Movie Description Runtime
ECCE 6.0 Rate Constant Prediction Walkthrough
Demonstration of the ECCE 6.0 reaction rate constant prediction capability using NWChem and POLYRATE.
Installing VMware Player ECCE Distribution This movie highlights the steps needed to install and run ECCE on a Windows computer using VMWare Player 7:23
Supercomputing 2006 Demo This short movie highlights some of the new features available in ECCE 4.0 2:33
Simple Molecular Dynamics Calculation Walkthrough An NWChem molecular dynamics study for insulin is created including setting up and running prepare, optimize, and dynamics tasks. 19:31
Creating MD Fragment and Segment Files A fragment file for ethanol is created by running an NWChem ESP calculation and assigning partial charges. 12:13
Setting Visualization Display Styles New protein rendering techniques are demonstrated including mixed mode display styles and advanced options for creating publication quality visualizations. 15:00