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March 15, 2018 update: ECCE is no longer a supported product of the EMSL user facility. New stable and development releases of ECCE are available at the FriendsofECCE GitHub site at FriendsofECCE

ECCE has been released as open source software! Both binary and source code distributions are available from the download link

The Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment (ECCE, pronounced "etch-ā") provides a sophisticated graphical user interface, scientific visualization tools, and the underlying data management framework enabling scientists to efficiently set up calculations and store, retrieve, and analyze the rapidly growing volumes of data produced by computational chemistry studies.

General Features

The ECCE application software currently runs on Linux workstations and is written in C++ using the wxWidgets user interface toolkit and OpenGL graphics. A virtual machine distribution of ECCE allows it to run on PC Windows as well as Mac OS X hosts. Ongoing development will extend ECCE to build and run calculations on periodic systems.

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ECCE is a component of the Molecular Science Software Suite (MS3) developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In 1999, MS3 was recognized by R&D Magazine as one of the top 100 technologically significant new products of the year.

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