Overview - Calculation Manager Preferences

The Preferences window of the Calculation Manager has three tabs of settings that affect the Calculation Manager's display and operation.

Notes: Other display and operating options for the Calculation Manager's toolbar, run state legend, and deletion confirmation are accessible through the Calculation Manager's Options menu.

A separate global Preferences window—opened from the Ecce Gateway—contains other display and operation settings that apply to the Gateway and all Ecce tools, including the Calculation Manager. These preferences include color choices for run state icons and units for energy/distance/frequency.

Starting the Preferences Window

From the Calculation Manager's Edit menu, choose Preferences. This action opens the Preferences window (or brings the window to the front if it is already open).

The following items briefly describe elements of the Preferences window.

Calculation Properties

The Properties tab shows a scrolling list of the calculation properties that can be displayed in the Calculation Manager. Select a property (Left mouse button), additional properties (Ctrl+Left mouse button), or a range of properties (Shift+Left mouse button) to highlight them and click OK.

To change the display order of properties in the Calculation Manager, drag and drop (Left mouse button) the row numbers within the list of properties. An option on the Options menu of the Calculation Manager enables you to freeze the "Type" and "Name" columns on the left side of the properties table in the Calculation Manager.

Picture... Properties Tab
How to... Display Calculation Properties

Date/Time Format

The Date/Time Format tab contains pull-down menus for setting the date and time formats for the Calculation Manager's calculation properties table.

Picture... Date/Time Format Tab

OK vs Close

Put the current preferences settings into effect.
Close the Preferences window.
If you have not clicked the OK button to accept the current settings, any changes to settings are discarded.

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Revised: May 5, 2004